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American Ghosts

Growing up as a latchkey kid in the 1980s, I had a version of America painted by television. It was a technicolor landscape with towering mountains, lush woods, and playful critters entertaining vacationers. 

I've since come to realize that "technicolor" is not the name of a place but a process of crafting fiction. American Dreams can transform into American Ghosts when the places they are tied to change or disappear. These American Ghosts hold the power to be forgotten.

Yeon Ji Yoo_ThePlaceIGoToLayDown.JPG
Yeon Ji Yoo_ FleshPink.JPG
Hang Heartbreaking Things On A Clothesline.JPG
Yoo_Yeon Ji_Where Does The Fox Live__2021.JPG
Yoo_Yeon Ji_Cotton Candy_2022.JPG
Yeon Ji Yoo_PartingtheC.JPG
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