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Tell Me How To Feel

Heartbreak feels like navigating through a pitch black room with open scissors grasped in both hands. This room is crowded with the objects of your life, people and things. The most debilitating thing about pain is the frustration of not knowing the exact point where you stand in taking responsibility for brokenness or knowing the outcome of forgiveness. In that despair, I often long for someone to tell me how to feel and how to move on to healing.

In collecting, co-opting and retelling these stories that started before me, I try to make sense of personal turmoil and find that there is resonance with the world outside. My hope is that there will be an echo and answer back from the darkness of the room.

Art on Paper Installation View.JPG

I am letting this room

and everything in it

stand for my ideas about love

and its difficulties.

This Room and Everything in It

by Li-Young Lee

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